Painterly view of Arch Rock and the tide pools at Cameo Shores Beach, Corona Del Mar, California.

Tide Pools

This sketch reminds me of cool, foggy, damp mornings at the beach that would melt away with the warmth of the day. I am happy with the  brushwork that gives the painting energy yet contains enough information to describe the scene. It was a fun piece to create. Tide pools and Arch Rock from Cameo Shores Beach, Corona Del Mar, California. Oil on board, 6.5 by 9 inches.

Oil still life painting of roses, snapdragons and seashells

Love Forever

I have tried to give my wife flowers when I can, for this particular birthday I painted them. I set up a still life with roses, snapdragons and seashells, which I had to hide with the painting at my neighbors house because I didn’t finish in the first session. In private collection. Oil on canvas, 20 by 16 inches.